Encouraging Creative Thinking In Children Gives Them Lifetime Skills

(I-Newswire) August 2, 2010 - Creativity means more than just the ability to paint a pretty picture, dance Swan Lake, or compose a hit song. It’s a far wider concept, and one that comes in handy in all aspects of life. Creative thinking is a skill that is commonly used by the most successful leaders in business or government, as well as the arts.

A new down-loadable booklet, “Encourage Creativity in Children”, tells why creativity is such a useful tool for both children and adults, and it describes in detail how to promote creative thinking in children of all ages. This booklet is available only at www.AnswerGirls.com. The author, a teacher who has inspired many creative thinkers, shared these helpful tips:

"Creativity is a magical way of looking at the world and, fortunately, the process can be learned — at any age.

Give me, any day, a brain surgeon, a tax accountant, a mechanic or plumber who, when faced with an obstacle, doesn’t automatically say, 'Sorry, can’t do it,' but who stops and thinks, 'Is there another solution possible here?' That’s creativity.

If we allow and encourage our children to be creative, they will be. That doesn’t mean they’ll be performing on Broadway, or writing a bestseller, but they will enjoy a lifetime of creative thought — and all the benefits that come with it.”

“Encourage Creativity in Children” explains how to teach creativity. Through the booklet's series of eight different activities, such as The Colors Around Us, Write Your Own Ending, and Crazy New Uses, children are encouraged to open their minds to other possibilities and new horizons.


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