Creativity Training

Creativity Training Definition, My Version.

"The process in which one consciously practices the ability to look at life from the perspective of infinite possibilities in order to create, produce, invent, formulate and develop new principles, systems, products and services that benefit all of mankind". - DAISY BA-AD

My definition of Creativity Training may all sound too big a thing to do but if you  reflect on all the lessons you learned through your various experiences, I'm sure you've done things you never thought you could do.I'm pretty sure that in one time or another, you were a creator of a new concept in something, an inventor of using a tool for something else, a developer of a new scheme in the office, a producer of a unique gift item for a friend, etc. This fact shows that  in your life, there were several moments when you used your own creativity to face the challenges of the times. It's just that you never really thought it was creativity in action then.

In fact, I'm almost certain that creativity came in at a time when you needed to solve a problem -- a BIG problem. Most often than not, it's when we're pushed against the wall that ideas come flying in. Conditions motivate us to go beyond our usual way of thinking and allow us to dare explore avenues we would not even think of in normal circumstances. If that be the case, then we can safely say that "problems in life are actually blessings from on high"!

You have just gone through a sample of my version of CREATIVITY TRAINING. We began by discussing about how problems seem to push us to be creative and then bring in the perspective on how a problem can be turned into something positive. In the process we were able to create a new value to the word "problem". It is no longer a word associated with negative things but one that can actually co-exist with the word "blessing". That wasn't so hard was it?

It is the intent of this blog to provide Creativity Training in similar fashion using all sorts of events, concepts, principles, belief systems and the like to help you consciously practice your own ability to view life from the perspective of infinite possibilities creating positive changes for yourself and others.

Enjoy your Free Online Creativity Training and Be Out of the Box.

Daisy Ba-ad

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