Is Love the Answer?

Love is not just the answer. Love is Our BEING.

I dare write these words for I know this to be true. I cannot deny that which is revealed to me with such clarity. We love. We cannot help but love. We cannot live without it. Everything we do, we do out of love, for love, with love, in love and by love.

Love empowers us.

Love powers us.

Love produces love.

And yet many of us have forgotten who and what we really are.

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BE Attitudes

Author of Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch has said that "the more of that you are BEING, the more what you are DOING will fall perfectly into place to allow you to BE even more of that!" I applied this concept on how I approached my understanding of the Beatitudes.

The process allowed me to formulate a guide for self-improvement. Thanks to a fellow member of Hubpages Home 'n Biz Blend who came up with the term BE-Attitudes.

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  • BE Truth

  • BE Compassion

  • BE Faith

  • BE Trust

  • BE Mercy

  • BE Gratitude

  • BE Peace

  • BE Love


Use Theater as Therapy Ground

As theater helped me survive my personal crisis, I too use theater today to empower those under my care. As artistic and training director I have developed training programs for theater groups, various organizations and corporate groups using theater games from two well-respected American drama teachers namely, Viola Spolin and Eric Morris. I'm glad to say that many have benefited from these trainings and many have been empowered.

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Stop Competing Start Creating

I grew up thinking that the only way to succeed in life was to constantly compete. Compete for your parent's attention. Compete for your teacher's approval. Compete to be in the honor's roll. Compete to be the best orator, the best actress, the best director, the best leader, the best trainer, the best in just about anything and everything. Then and only then can I be considered a success and be offered opportunities to become famous, rich and powerful. Only to find out later that I was used, abused, confused, stressed out and burned out.

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The Siddhartha Taiwan Tour

The Siddhartha Musical Taiwan Tour was such a great success that there are plans to bring the play to other parts of the world. Master Yung Guang recently visted Cebu and met with the cast and crew conveying Master Hsing Yun's love and support to the performing group. She also had a separate meeting with the core group of the creative team to initiate plans of offering a continuous training program for the cast and crew and suggested other undertakings that the Buddha's Light Intl. Association Cebu Chapter could take inorder to support the artists.

Another meeting was held to plan for the training program outlining activities that will enhance the dancing, singing, and acting skills of the performers and the recruitmen of new performers as the world tour is projected to last for years to come. Open auditions will be conducted soon.

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