BEhavioral Training

BEING Workshops

We've redesigned our training modules to assist companies build their winning teams. Short, cost-effective courses designed to develop the individual into a more effective, efficient, exceptional BEING. We've also included spiritual enrichment sessions to complete the holistic training approach

BEING is a way of working, a complete philosophy and a way of life. It is a state where one is in touch with everything he feels in a moment to moment basis, where truth lies and where individuals reveal the belief systems which affect their performance at work and their daily life. It is this state that serves as reference point for individuals to know where they are, where they need to go and how to get to where they want to be.

Our training modules have their foundation on the BEING principles of personal change and life growth.

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BEING in a Team
Belief systems of individuals are constantly challenged in this age of information, leaving many unsure of who they are, where they are, and how to get to where they want to be. Without a clear reference point these individuals may soon find themselves “lost” in the corporate jungle. Instrumental Therapy sessions in the workshop pave the way for participants to find this reference point. With a better understanding of the self, value systems are refined, out dated mindsets are replaced with current ones, work lessons become life lessons and work becomes part of a personal mission, thereby, setting the stage to becoming an effective team player.

Topics covered:
  • Identifying Blocks to Personal & Professional Growth
  • Drawing The Line In Personal & Professional Relationships
  • How Self-Concepts Affect Work Performance
  • Defining a Winner’s Attitude
  • Becoming a Winning Team Player
  • Working In and With a Winning Team
BEING a Mentor
Effective trainers, teachers, leaders, and guides share one common quality that allow them to manage teams better—they are able to accept their own strengths and weaknesses and are willing to do what it takes to work in the areas they need to improve on. Acceptance of the self is a necessary state that effective trainers must achieve in order to empower others and not be swayed to use their power to manipulate those under their care—- a trap many unconsciously fall into when critical situations occur inside the company.

The workshop allows participants to check on their present physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. They are then led to activities that equip them with the necessary skills to handle people more effectively.

Topics covered:
• BEING Workout Sessions
• Truth in Communication
• Establishing a Non-Judgmental Environment
• People Handling Skills

BEING in Marketing

How does one market anything successfully? With persuasiveness comes credibility, with credibility comes truth. Being is the place of truth.

Like an actor preparing for a scene one must not only dress the part, know the lines, know the cues and understand the story but more importantly believe in the essence of the play’s message. Everything the actor does must reflect and project the values and beliefs that motivate their character to act and respond in a certain way. Being truthful is being persuasive --- the Being in Marketing.

Topics covered:
• Marketing the Self
• Developing a Marketing Mindset
• Marketing in Truth
• Marketing Beyond Products & Services
• Developing the Heart in Marketing

BEING Beyond Competition

We live in a competitive world and thus believe that the only way to succeed is to constantly compete. Yet as Wallace Wattles wrote in his book The Science of Getting Rich, “you are to be a creator, not a competitor….riches secured in a competitive plane are never secure and permanent.” This applies to any form of success as well.

The workshop allows participants to understand the power of Creative Thinking in the journey to living a successful lifestyle.

Topics covered:
• Competition vs. Creation
• Power of Thought
• Visualization
• Creating Success

BEING in Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction or the perception of the performance of a company is essential for continued success. The workshop is designed to make sure team members understand how they play a major part in this scenario and develop the right attitude towards their role by increasing their knowledge and skills in giving the best service they can render to all their internal and external customers.

Topics covered:
• Discovering the Self in the Organization
• Knowing Your Customers
• Principles of Customer Service
• Customer’s Value Package
• Creating the Customer Experience

BEING in Time Management

Managing time remains one of the more challenging feats especially for Filipinos and making technical presentations on Time Management interesting and fun is another challenge trainers have to contend with. Designed to keep the training sessions lively, this workshop includes right brain activities that compliment the time-bound left-brain sessions on the breaking down of items, the analysis, the sequencing, and the specific applications on self-management.

Topics covered:
• Blocks to Acquiring New Habits
• Prioritizing
• Understanding the Time Management Matrix
• Developing the Quadrant II Mindset

BEING with Purpose

It is man's nature to find purpose and meaning in life.

To find this purpose in the work place calls forth an energy which propels him to succeed at every endeavor. Aligning one's personal mission with that of the company's mission no longer becomes a task but a self-actualization process.

Topics covered:
• Your Job Defined
• Personal Mission
• Aligning Personal and Professional Mission
• Achieving Purpose with Gratitude