Illness Paves the Way For Wellness

We've seen it happen several times. The internet is flooded with stories of such nature. Books have written much about this subject matter. It may even have happened to you.

The fact remains, that it is in moments of suffering from illness that many are motivated to reflect on life and are moved to do things beyond the limits they previously put on themselves.

In some cases, it opens doors to emotional and spiritual healing. In other cases, it provides the very springboard for other miracles to take place. Take for example the story of the father and son team Dick and Rick Hoyt. Many may know about them already but for the benefit of those who have never heard of them, here's a chance to see them in action.

This is what I would call a great example of creatively living life to the fullest. Wellness, after all, is not simply the absence of illness, rather it is the process of being aware of one's value and worth, knowing they are love expressed eventually paving the way for creating balance within and achieving wellness and wellbeing.

Such was the case of a good friend of mine.This is her story. LIVING WELLNESS

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