Between Being and Doing: The Art of Creative Prioritizing

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I never knew that creating priorities in life would be based on whether to DO things first or to BE something first. One day I found myself immersed in a concept that changed my perspective on prioritizing things. I discovered the art of creative prioritizing. Here's what got me thinking out of the box.

What are you being? What are you choosing to be? Is it loving? Is it caring? Healing?
You can be more of that no matter what you are doing. Yet, the magic of it is, the more of that your are BEING, the more what you are DOING will fall perfectly into place to allow you to "be" even more of that! Trust this process. It works. You will discover that forms - physical ways to "be" a thing - will suddenly start to just "show up".
"Beingness" becomes form.
-Neale Donald Walsch
When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace
I totally agree with this concept as I have often found myself caught up in doing things to BE better in a lot of ways. During the process of becoming too busy doing things I lost focus on simply BEING that which I hoped to BE. Okay it may all sound too confusing so let's put in some examples here.
I wanted to BE a better daughter by doing my share of providing financial assistance. I may have accomplished my task of financially assisting the family but that sure did not make me a better daughter. I ended up spending more time at work and prioritizing it than spending quality time with the family.
Now I know better. I can create a better me by simply Being that which I wish and automatically, I will be Doing things differently. Now, that's creativity training like no other.

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