Improvise to Create Success

Daisy Ba-ad conducting a Photographic/Commercial Modeling Workshop
for Fashion TV Model School Asia with professional photographer by Eisen Job Alquiza.

Improvisation is a theater form made popular by Viola Spolin which earned her the title Grandmother of Improvisation. She developed theater games that helped unlock an individual's capacity for creative self-expression. As I got more involved in designing training programs using her exercises I saw its potential to help individuals use the process to create success in daily life.

Here are some ways to use Improvisation daily:

WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. Many of us run into walls when we think that we need all sorts of things before we can achieve a task. This becomes a major obstacle to create success. All we need to do is learn to work with what we have and start from there. Be a "MacGyver" of sorts in dealing with daily events especially in handling work problems. It makes the day more interesting and allow more creative juices to flow.

EXPLORE NEW WAYS OF APPROACHING A PROBLEM. Our preference to stay in our comfort zone often becomes and obstacle to personal and professional growth. Sad to say this scenario leads us to staying inside a box instead of getting out of the box. Allow yourself to try out new things in the way you spend your nights, the way you express love to your family, the way you talk to your boss, the way you deal with your office mates. Sometimes, it takes a simple adjustment in the tone of your voice, a cheerful smile, a simple pat on the shoulder or even a sincere "thank you" to change an atmosphere and pave the way for a more positive energy to flow. This then becomes a good working ground to find solutions to the problem or better still becomes the solution all together.

CHOOSE THE FUN IN THE RUN. Running around all day to keep everything in place need not be an exhausting one. Make it a conscious decision to have fun while doing all activities. This empowers you to view things in a more positive light. The problems could be seen as opportunities, the conflicts become a practice ground to develop people skills, the crisis becomes a breeding ground for innovative ideas. The whole process then becomes a fun filled and satisfying experience.

Improvising in daily life paves the way to create success daily. Read more in Creating a Better Life Using Improvisation.

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